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BENEFITS of an EAP Survey

sample report graph OBJECTIVE - We are not connected with any EAP Provider yet designed and results presented by EAP professionals with 40 years of EAP experience who now work exclusively in EAP evaluation.

CONFIDENTIAL - All completed EAP Surveys and responses come directly to us.

TOTALLY ONLINE - Quick, easy and convenient.

TARGETTED EAP QUESTIONS - We adjust the questions based on the answers your employees provide - we don't ask unnecessary questions about services they may not have used.

STARTS DIALOGUE - It helps you to start a conversation with your EAP Provider for change and improvement.

BENCHMARK - Compare your employees' responses from year to year within your Company, within your industry, within and across industries and within and across geographical locations.

CAN BE CUSTOMIZED - You can specify different locations, languages (English, French, Spanish), questions and reports.